Saturday, 14 September 2013

BackupBuddy $150 worth Free Download


 Backup Buddy safely and securely backs up over 100K WordPress sites to date. It's the only complete solution for WordPress backups.


Back up your entire WordPress installation. Widgets, themes, plugins, files and SQL database - the entire package! Just like your laptop or desktop computer, you should be doing regular backups of your website. With BackupBuddy you can schedule backups and have them sent off-site to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP server, or your email. Or download them right to your desktop.

More Backup Features:
  • Back up non-WordPress tables
Have tables stored in your database that aren’t created or stored by WordPress? No problem. BackupBuddy can back up, restore and move those too.
  • Directory Exclusion
Choose which directories you don't want to include in your backup.
  • Offsite Backups
Automatically send your backups off-site to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP server, or your email. You can send backups to one destination or multiple destinations for added protection.
  • Manage how many backups you want to store
You can manage how many backups to keep in each location, so you don't accidentally use too much storage space by keeping old backups.


Restore your WordPress site fast. The restore function in BackupBuddy is super simple. Upload importbuddy.php and your backup file, and it restores WordPress: your themes, widgets, plugins, and everything else. You don’t even need to install WordPress first!
Individual File Restoration Did you make a bunch of changes to your theme and then decide you want everything back like it was? You can now pinpoint files to restore individually, instead of having to go through a complete site restore!
Easily browse your backup file zip contents right from the dashboard and decide which files to bring back in time.
 More Restore Features:
  • No Need to Install WordPress
If you have a full backup, BackupBuddy will handle reinstalling WordPress for you. Just enter your new database credentials, and you're back in business.
  • File Restore
All you need to restore is our import script and your backup zip file.
  • Restore Just Your Database
You can choose to restore just your database from an earlier database-only backup if a WordPress configuration change makes your site unstable.


 Move a WordPress site to another domain or server easily. If you build custom WordPress sites for clients, this plugin is for you! This is a very popular feature for WordPress developers who build a custom site for a client on a temporary domain or locally (like a sandbox or playground site) and then want to move the entire site with content, styles, widgets and all on a live client domain.
 More Moving Features:
  • Magic Migration
Move your backed up site to another server right from your WordPress dashboard (in normal compatible server environments). Or move to another installation directory or URL on the same server. It's great for quickly creating a site copy to test a new plugin or theme.
  • Manual Migration
The importbuddy.php script can be used to manually move a site too. The same way you did in previous versions of BackupBuddy.
  • URLs & Paths
BackupBuddy handles all the URL and path changes for you when you move to a new domain or subdirectory. No need to do a big find and replace. BackupBuddy also handles migrating serialized (encoded) data.

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