Saturday, 21 September 2013

Adguard Web Filter 5.7.996.5118 Free Download

The Internet holds tons of useful information; however, most websites nowadays have turned into ad-kiosks. Once you open one of them, your screen clutters most of the times  with futile advertisements and pop-ups. That slows up the entire webpage loading process and the page itself once loaded. They also pile up the to create a stressful Internet browsing experience. Some of them might even act as gateways for malware to invade your system or render X-rated content.

Adguard Web Filter provides you with the tools to make the most of your web surfing by removing those irritating ads, thus decreasing loading times and redirecting that saved up traffic for more important web content. It goes beyond blocking ordinary ads by also intercepting video, rich media or non-standard ad varieties.

Moreover, it supports a wide range of web browsers, which includes the popular choices (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Safari) or Netscape Navigator, but also less known ones: Avant, Flock, SRWare Iron, Lunascape, K-Meleon, GreenBrowser, Orca, MyIE, Comodo Dragon, SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, Yandex.Internet, Internet ( or Nichrome (Rambler).

Adguard Web Filter features a Basic interface as well as an Extended version for advanced users. The main two sections consist of the Protection module and the Settings zone. You can easily turn the overall protection on and off. Furthermore, the Ad Blocker and the Browsing Security can be individually enabled or disabled and their statistics reset.

You can also enter URLs that the program fails to remove ads from, report phishing and malicious websites and add exceptions within the Protection section. The Ad Blocker area comprises several filters such as User, English, Russian, Spyware, Social networks widgets, Experimental or German that you can enable and disable with a click of your mouse.

The same method is used within the Browsing Security zone with the filters for Phishing / Malicious sites as well as filters from Google Safe Browsing. The Settings section allows you to select the Protection level and choose from User-defined, Minimal, Optimal, High and Maximum. You are also able to access Proxy settings and Traffic filtration, manage browsers, filters and logs.

Bottomline, Adguard Web Filter packs all the right features for an application in its class. It truly works and adds value to your Internet browsing experience, making it acceptable when it comes to ad-bloated websites and friendlier overall. With this comprehensive ad-blocker, you can say goodbye to all those unwanted and / or unpleasant ad-generated moments you have to face every day while surfing the web.

· Pentium 60 Mhz
· 16 MB ram
· 1 MB of free disk space


Always vigilant in preventing activity tracking
Adguard protects you from the constant tracking employed by advertising networks and online analytics nodes.
Six language-specific filters
Adguard works equally well regardless of the language of the websites you visit. 
Social network widget filter
Tired of all the «Like» buttons and similar widgets infesting all of your frequented web pages? Simply disable them. 
Adguard Assistant
The Adguard Assistant allows you to remove any banner or any other undesirable element from any web pages you come across. 
Regular filter updates
The Adguard ad filter and harmful website databases are updated on a daily basis.
Monitoring and statistics
With Adguard, you’ll always know how much data you’ve used when browsing the web.
 Parental Control
This feature is coming soon in new versions.

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